group.jpgShawn & Sondra Hannan had a passion and a problem. They had a passion for unique, quality furniture that’s reasonably priced, but were disappointed in the local options. So they created their own.

“We needed furniture for ourselves and couldn't find it, so we created that need for us and others here in the Tampa Bay Market.” says co-founder Shawn Hannan. Founding Tampa Bay Furnishings in 2014, the Hannans started a journey to create their own niche from their love of woodworking and high quality furniture. You understand it the moment you walk into their showroom.

A National Market

The Hannans attend markets all over the country to pick just those perfect lines and pieces. “We see hundreds of vendors but our selections for our customers must be just right,” added co-founder Sondra Hannan. “Quality is a must but it’s the uniqueness that is key.”

What you see in the showroom is just the tip of the iceberg as these carefully selected lines and designers are all at Tampa Bay Furnishing’s fingertips. It’s the perfect answer when you find yourself tired of overpriced, low quality, boring options.

Local Art

Saint Petersburg has a thriving local art scene and Shawn and Sondra have always loved attending the Art Walks and local museums and galleries.  They decided that local art should be part of your decorating options and always have local artists displaying their artwork in the showroom.  Tampa Bay Furnishings is also a business member of the Warehouse Arts District.

Bringing Out YOUR Style

The Hannans decided they needed to bring in a design professional to pull it all together. The goal was not to push their designs on people or sell one piece - but to help people bring out their OWN style. Enter established designer, Lydia Mason, “It’s not about trying to sell furniture, but matching furniture to a client. Our reward is when you see your house turned into your home.”

Lydia gets to know her clients then goes to work searching inventory, fabric swatch books, line designers and comes back with beautiful solutions that amaze clients with a reaction of “that’s so US!” Did we mention Lydia is Sondra’s mother? :-) Yes, Tampa Bay Furnishings is your locally owned, family-run furniture store... with a unique national touch.


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