​4 Ways We're Not Your Average Furniture Store.

On 15th Mar 2017

Has “being average” ever sounded appealing?

At Tampa Bay Furnishings (TBF), we’re more than just a locally-owned, family-run shop. We offer furnishings and accessories in a way that you can’t find anywhere else. We put together our top 4 ways we’re anything but average and why you’ll want our help when furnishing your home or office.

1. Personalized Design Services

Think of an outfit you wear to “feel like a million bucks.”

Chances are, it’s comfortable, stylish, and it says something about who you are. Shouldn’t this same philosophy be applied to your home? We think so.

Our secret weapon, Lydia Mason, is our in-house designer and the master at bringing out YOUR style. She knows how to match personalities with design. If you’re a bookworm, an outdoorsy type, a little bit of both, or neither, Lydia will make sure people know who you are when they step into your home. You’ll find yourself saying “wow, that is so ME”.

Not only do we help you select furniture, accessories, and artwork, but we can also customize the type of material it’s made from. Some fabrics can be great for relaxing....while others are great for withstanding children.

2. Local Creativity

One of the best parts about the Sunshine City is how it’s become a hub for the arts. Our store likes to reflect that by offering custom pieces made by your fellow residents. Some of the items are actually crafted by our owners, Shawn and Sondra Hannan

How is that for keeping St. Pete local?

In our shop, you’ll be able to find pieces that are truly unique, flex your hometown pride, and can’t be found anywhere else. We guarantee it.

3. Beyond the Brick and Mortar

With many furniture stores, what you see on the floor is what you get.

That’s the not the case at Tampa Bay Furnishings.

At TBF, we’re not about clearing our showroom. We’re about matching our customers with the furniture that suits their needs and style. Our storefront is actually just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our offerings. We have a huge network of furnishings, accessories, and artwork that is not physically in our store.

That’s how determined we are about finding what is just right for you (plus, we also love shopping for new furniture).

4. When it comes to pricing, we’re anything but average

At TBF, we pride ourselves in delivering what the furnishing market lacks. Many of the times, the level of customization that we offer comes with a massive price. That’s not the case here. With all of these great features and services, we offer flexibility for a wide range of budgets.

Our aim is to become your friendly neighborhood, family ran, furniture store. Our favorite part of the job, is when we see you walk into a room and see that it’s truly yours.

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