Case Study: Decorating Kevin and Michelle’s New Townhouse

Case Study: Decorating Kevin and Michelle’s New Townhouse

On 7th Aug 2017

A new home can also mean a fresh new start. So when Kevin and Michelle were moving into their townhouse, it was going to be out with the old and in with the new. This especially came into mind when it was time to look for furniture.

So naturally, from knowing Shawn and Sondra Hannan, Kevin and Michelle sought help from Tampa Bay Furnishings. Although they knew about the place as a furniture store, they didn’t know about the design services. What happened next is what turned their new house, into a new home.

Tampa Bay Furnishings’ Lydia Mason is an interior designer with 14 years of experience. Her modus operandi is to create a living space that matches her client’s unique personality and tastes. To her, your home’s interior should be as personal as your wardrobe. So even before she met Kevin and Michelle, she wanted to know more about them.

The couple sent her some pictures of upholstered beds along with room ideas. Right away, Mason saw that these samples had an eclectic feel with a touch of glamour. She then researched the floor plans of the house, and it was time to meet up on site.

During the walkthrough of the home, Lydia measured the rooms to scale the furniture. She also noticed how the two dressed. Kevin had more of an classic tailored look and Michelle was into layered textures. With this in mind, it was timestart decorating.

“Furnishing our home was never this fun before,” said Michelle.

Kevin and Michelle knew what they wanted style-wise, but were unsure about executing it. Another factor was that the landlord picked the colors for the house.

Back at the store, Lydia showed them a variety of textures and fabrics. For their bedroom, she pulled out an upholstered tufted headboard and silver tea leafed cart as a nightstand to go with it. For the other side of the bed, she showed them a few mirrored bachelor’s chests. These provided the glam for Michelle with clean lines for Kevin. The pieces also matched the pre-selected colors. She then went on to help decorate the rest of the house.

“Lydia also included my daughters in the process of picking their furniture and decor for their rooms. I loved that,” added Michelle.

Check out the photos above and below to check out the Tampa Bay Furnishings work on the Kevin and Michelle’s new home. From the bedroom to the living room, you can tell that there’s a consistency of color, texture, and clean lines. You can also see how well Lydia was able to capture both of tastes in style.

“They have a wonderful concept and service. People have to hear about it so they can have the same fabulous experience Kevin and I had,” commented Michelle.

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. You’re given a blank canvas to work with from inside out. It’s not just a roof over your head, but it’s where many new memories are bound to take place. Let us work with you, and your family to help create a living space that you can all embrace. At Tampa Bay Furnishings, we want to be with you on your new beginning.

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