Designing a Dining Room

Designing a Dining Room

On 17th Oct 2017

If you’ve been on the fence about redecorating your dining room, now is the time to make the decision. Sure, it’s only October, but before you know it the holidays will be kicked into gear. From Thanksgiving and after, this space takes center stage. So what better time is there to change things up a bit? Read below for some tips on redecorating your dining room.


How often a dining room is used differs from home to home. It can be the spot for family dinner every night or lay dormant until special occasions. When there’s kids in the house, this space tends double as a homework area. If it’s used less frequently, there’s more wiggle room for decorating.

Still, there’s plenty of durable and stylish options for those who use theirs daily. Weathered / rustic wood for example, is a material that can take a beating but also also adds personality to a room. So before you go about redecorating, it’s best to give an honest evaluation of how often this room will be used.


Now is the time to break out the measuring tape. Dining rooms tend to be confined spaces, so it’s important to make sure that your furniture fits, and that people can sit comfortably. The table is the most important and the most space consuming piece in any dining room. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want at least 3 feet of space between the table and the wall. Everyone at the dinner table should have at minimum 23 inches of space, or 30 inches if the chairs have arms.

Picking the Right Table

By now, you know what types of materials you’ll be working with and how much space you have available. So let’s talk about which table shape is right for you.

For smaller rooms you’ll want to go with a round table. The circular shape will give you the most surface area for people to dine. It also promotes conversation as everyone is facing eachother. Square shaped tables also work for small spaces and they can add a modern touch.

With larger spaces, you’ll want to go with the long rectangular or oval shaped tables. This also applies for a large, open dining area. When handling this type of a setup, you want to use other furnishings to give a visual context to the table. Placing the table adjacent to some windows, installing a lighting fixture, or putting a buffet stand parallel to the table can help achieve this effect.

Getting Creative with Seating

Sure, you might be able to get the table and chairs in the same set, but don’t your dining room to look unique? Also, chair-hunting might be inevitable if the table is an antique. Here are some ways to get the seating right.

  • Scale - Make sure that the chairs fit with the table. 10 to 12 inches, from seat to table top, is the most comfortable for the average diner.
  • Consistency - Do these chairs look like they belong with the table? Even if you are into the mismatching trend, make sure that there is something that unifies the pieces.
  • Think Beyond Chairs - Speaking of mismatching, go beyond arms or armless. There are many great examples of dining rooms using everything from stools to even ottomans for seating. Benches are also a great seating options for kids as they can’t lean back on them.

Lighting Fixtures

Out of anywhere in the house, lighting has the biggest impact in the dining room. It’s more than just about seeing what’s on your plate. It’s about creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. So where you’ll want to start is with the perimeter of the room. Then, just add the length and width together. The added sum should be about the diameter of the chandelier in inches.

Example: A room that’s 12’ x 14’ should have a chandelier with a diameter of 26”.

Let Us Help

A dining room is more than where you eat. It’s where holidays are celebrated, where friends and family can catch-up, or even a just place to talk about your day. No matter how it’s used, you want a space that’s both comfortable and truly yours.

That’s why at Tampa Bay Furnishings, we offer beyond what average furniture stores can give you. Our interior design service is catered to each customer to ensure their home matches their unique style. We also have a wide array of furniture options that goes beyond our storefront inventory and can be customized to your needs or preference.

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