Getting that Rustic Look

Getting that Rustic Look

On 2nd Jan 2018

When it comes to style, some of us like the new, contemporary, and pristine look. Others may like more of a worn and vintage feel to their furniture. Both are great in their own right, but this post is going to focus on getting that rustic look in your home. So where to begin? Well, here are a few things to take into consideration and get the ideas flowing.

Repurposing (Upcycling)

When pulled off well, repurposing can mean the difference between “D-I-Y” and “D-I-Why?” Browsing around online, there is a wealth of inspiration that you can find for repurposing and upcycling practically everything. From Instagram to Pinterest it’s all out there with your only limit being your imagination.

So what are some ways that many materials are repurposed? Storage is one of the easiest functions, especially when it’s from a curbside treasure. One of the most common “junked” goods would be lockers. When schools replace them, they replace them en masse leaving a wide array of goods to find a new home. All you need to do is to show them some love with a bit of refinishing, and you’ve got yourself a stylish piece to store your belongings. Speaking about finishings…

Antiques vs. Specialty Finishing

To get that rustic look, you might want to go after antiques. However, you might not always be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, or what’s in your price range. So what are you left to do?

If your main style is that worn look, consider hunting for specialty finished furniture. Meaning furniture which is designed to have an old look to it. ‘

But is that considered cheating?

Although at first glance, specialty finished pieces may seem like the pre-ripped jeans of furnishings, there are plenty of great reasons to go this route as opposed to going full-antique.

  • No restoration needed - Antiques are great, but sometimes they might need work to become a functioning piece. Hinges can be rusty, there could be damage from rot, and so on.
  • Lower stress - Seeing a new nick in it won’t cause an increase in blood pressure. When you’re redecorating, you don’t have to worry about where and how you’ll pass it on. Even if you decide to refinish the piece, you don’t have to contact any historical specialist.
  • Lasts longer - When you buy a new piece with an antique look, it’s going to have a longer “life.” You’ll get the best of both worlds with having the the longevity of a new piece along with the look of an antique.

Integrating YOUR style

Some may say that the vintage and rustic vibe is just a passing trend. However, people have been getting the “worn” look and repurposing for quite a long time. The biggest endeavor to take on with getting this look is to personalize it to who you are. After all, the interior of your home should be as unique as your wardrobe.

At Tampa Bay Furnishings, we specialize in not only getting you the right furniture, but making you feel at home. Our selection goes way beyond what you can find from browsing in the store. We’ll also find ways to mix and match the different styles of everyone in the household. If you don’t love it, we can always do better!

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