​Maintaining Style with Kids

​Maintaining Style with Kids

On 29th Aug 2017 In homedecor, kids, tips

Everything changes when you have kids, including your home. If there was a sculpture you liked, a rug that matched your style, or a coffee table that you had to have, you bought it. Now, that piece of art might be in pieces, that rug might be riddled with play-doh, and you’re beginning to notice that coffee table’s sharp edges.

No worries. Keeping your personal style alive in a house with children is easy. There are just a few extra things you need to consider. At Tampa Bay Furnishings, we want to give you a few tips.

Sofas and Chairs

You can still find these items in styles that you like, but it’s more about the fabrics that they’re made with. Vinyl, wool, twill, and velvet are both stylish and durable. Leather is also a great choice as a tough material, that can easily clean up messes. High performance fabrics that are engineered to wear longer, stay cleaner and require less of your time.


These are a great alternative to rigid coffee tables. Not only do they provide extra leg comfort, but there are ottomans that can open up for storage. So when your living room becomes a play room, you have a place to easily stow away toys. You can also put a tray on top of an ottoman for a coffee table function.


Spilling is inevitable at the dinner table. When selecting a rug for the dining room, a great route to go is by picking an indoor-outdoor rug. They’re made with not only comfort in mind, but also with resilience and clean-ability. As for other parts of the house, you’re going to probably see your kid playing on the floor. With these rugs, you want something that’s softer with a darker tone and rich color. Colorful patterns in bright colors create art on the floor and camouflage stains!

Window Treatments

When you were little, those long hanging drapes were probably one of your favorite hide-and-go-seek spots. You might also remember getting tangled and tripping over them as well. Still, you don’t want to go with boring plastic blinds. Treatments such as cellular shades, composite shutters, and Roman blinds are a great way to go. You can have kid friendly functionality and enhance to the theme of rooms with these items.

Art and Decor

You don’t have to hide your aesthetic taste. When it comes to valuables and delicates, just display them high and out of their reach. However, the art in your home doesn’t have to be adult exclusive. Homemade crafts are an excellent and cost effect way to liven up your house. Including your kids in these projects isn’t only a great bonding experience, but plays a part in decorating your house. Well, this is besides the crayon marks on the wall.


Speaking of walls, let’s talk about adding some color to them. There’s a lot of washable paint out there on the market. Choosing a semi-gloss finish will also make it easier to clean any marks. You can also opt for slightly darker options when picking colors. If you’re looking for a neutral look, you can go with a light grey or a beige instead of white.

Also, as a step to deter unwanted graffiti, there’s paint specifically made for turning walls into chalkboards. This can be applied in a kid’s room, but it can also be used as a fun touch in a monochromatic kitchen.

Getting it Just Right

When you’re trying to balance style with kid friendliness, don’t think of it as limiting yourself. It’s an opportunity to revitalize your home with a fresh look that suits your tastes. At Tampa Bay Furnishings, we want to help bring out your unique style.

Not only do we offer personalized interior design services, but we also have a furniture selection that’s beyond your average “big box” store. We can find the exact piece that you want, and have it customized down to the material that suits your needs. A home shouldn’t just look good, but also be accustomed to those who live there. That’s our specialty.

Contact us or drop by and let’s get started on making your house into a family home.