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October 17, 2018 6 - 8PM Lifestyle Night featuring Susan Hess and Thomas Geer

Join us for another fun lifestyle night to meet two talented local artists!  Stop by to meet Susan Hess and Thomas Geer and see their beautiful creations.   

i-will-love-you-forever-encaustic-mixed-media.jpg    summer-shade.png

Susan Hess 

If one word could describe her art, it would be COLOR!  Vibrant, bold color is what sparks her creativity.  Inspired by the materials, Susan has given her heart to two practices.  Although very different specialties, her encaustic wax paintings and her watercolors on Yupo do have commonalities.  They are anchored by color!  Both mediums permit transparency, are fluid and exude a sense of movement.  These common elements enable her to integrate painting and collage while allowing for the element of surprise in both.     

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Thomas Geer 

Thomas Geer works with reclaimed barn lumber, reclaimed urban lumber and reclaimed metals.  He has made pieces from beams taken from log cabins built in the late 1800's as well as pieces taken from local log lots that were destined to be burned, and from local arborists who cut down trees in our neighborhoods.  Thomas considers saving these amazing pieces of lumber and creating useful works of art an honor and a privilege.  Through woodworking, blacksmithing, and the use of high voltage electricity, he uses these materials to create artistic housewares such as bowls, platters, candle holders, lamps, shelves, stoles, tables and small charms. 



Past Events

September 19, 2018 6 - 8PM Lifestyle Night featuring Rodney Alexander 

Rodney AlexanderJoin us for another fun lifestyle night full of wine and laughs and meet our talented local artist, Rodney Alexander.  Rodney has always been passionate about all aspects of the art world.  At an early age he demonstrated his talent and creative abilities painting portraits and murals.  In his adolescence, sculpture, jewelry and fashion design garnered recognition and awards at school and in his community.  He is a graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where he studied fashion illustration and interior design.  After graduation he began a career in jewelry design and later established a very successful interior design business. 

Today motivated by his fervent drive for vibant colors and textures inspired by his travel and exposure to diverse cultures around the world, Rodney has returned to his first love, painting.  His artwork is unique and reflects his experience and expertise, but above all his spiritual and cultural awareness.  

Join us at 3034 Dr Martin Luther King Jr St. N, St Pete, FL between 6 and 8 pm on Sepember 19th!





August 15, 2018 6 - 8PM Lifestyle Night featuring Rootman 

Frederick WoodsJoin us for another fun lifestyle night full of wine and laughs and meet our talented local artist, Rootman.  Root means basic source of all growth and potential which anchors the experience of the whole thing.  Man is one manifestation of all humanity.  While Rootman is a name he gained playing high school football, it has become a symbol of Woods relationship to art and to the world.lost-22x28-oil-on-canvas.jpg

The inspirations for Rootman's paintings are naturally occurring designs that stimulate his creative and spiritual forces. He enjoys exploring different perspectives of everyday existence, the subtleties of color and using a visual vocabulary of vivid colors.  His style is called subcube, which combines surrealism and cubism.

The painting to the right, Lost, is about how we can have tunnel vision while we are on our journey and miss what is right in front of us.   

His art traverses a course that mimics life's mysteries as well as life's discoveries. His hope is that while viewing his art, you share a moment in time that will reflect back the beauty of discovery.



Amanda Pratt photo 

July 18, 2018 6 - 8PM Lifestyle Night featuring Amanda Pratt 

Join us for another fun lifestyle night full of wine and laughs and meet our talented local artist, Amanda Pratt.  Amanda Pratt is best known for her Florida themed fluid art highlighting the vibrant colors known to the Florida beach communities.  Her work is created using mixed media, including alcohol inks, resin, powder and fluid pigments, seashells, sand, broken glass & more.

To set herself apart from the growing popularity of fluid artwork, Amanda draws, plans and hand cuts pieces of her fluid art to create intricate collages from multiple prints.  In her resin work, she includes natural elements one might find in nature, as nature heavily inspires her work.  

Amanda will also create custom pieces designed for  your home.






June 20, 2018 6 - 8PM Lifestyle Night featuring Robert Phelps 

Join us for another fun lifestyle night full of wine and laughs and meet our talented local artist, Robert Phelps!! Wine always provided by our friends at 4th and Vine. Robert Phelps with Robert Phelps Art has been a professional exhibiting fine artist since 1996. He is recognized for his vibrant figurative work and uniquely-colored portraiture. He began his arts career at Disney as a scenic painter for the Animal Kingdom and as a caricaturist for the many themed resorts. Raised in the mountainous terrain of Appalachia, Robert developed a deep affinity for the natural world. Most of his paintings reflect an innate fascination with the harmoniously tangled wilderness within and without. A self-taught artist, Robert enjoys exploring the intuitive application of color in the expressionist and fauvist styles. His work is collected both nationally and abroad and has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in the Tampa bay area. Robert's bold and energetic portraits range from menacingly brooding Mike Tyson to adorable teacup chihuahuas. Although his work often varies thematically, Robert continually strives to express the raw, intimate beauty in each of his subjects. We are thrilled to see you all!!! Additional parking will be available across the street. Cheers!!!

May 16, 2018 6 - 8PM Lifestyle Night featuring Leslie Joy Ickowitz 


Join us on May 16th, from 6pm-8pm for another fun evening full of wine and laughs and meet our talented local artist, Leslie Joy Ickowitz!! Wine always provided by our friends at 4th and Vine.  Leslie is the founder, editor-in-chief, photographer and content creator of VERTICAL Tampa Bay. It is easy to be swept away with enthusiasm in the company of Leslie. She possesses a passionate spirit devoted to exploring possibilities. Her unique perspectives have earned her the reputation as an authority on the lifestyle experience. She raises the bar for cultural awareness. We look forward to share her beautiful photography art and this fun evening with you!

April 18, 2018 6 - 8PM Lifestyle Night featuring Lorraine Potocki

Join us on April 18th, from 6pm-8pm and meet local artist Lorraine Potocki from Stirling Art Studios & Gallery!  She works in pastel and acrylic in styles from realistic to abstract expressionism and is a past winner of the Clearwater Jazz Poster Contest. Enjoy delicious wine by 4th and Vine and have some fun with us!! 

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March 21, 2018 6 - 8PM Lifestyle Night featuring John Gascot

Enjoy an evening with Latin American/Caribbean artist John Gascot.  He spent the first twelve years of his life in Puerto Rico, a fact to which he attributes his love of bold color. While he creates in a variety of styles, Latin Pop paintings are his signature. He affectionately coined the style "Latin Pop" after years of unsuccessful attempts at categorizing the work as one genre or another. The series combines elements of Pop, Cubism and Folk and is flavored with a Latin/Global sensibility. 

The figures in John's works are often large and curvaceous. Their mass speaks more about strength and presence than actual size. He strives to create art that is accessible and promotes diversity while simultaneously celebrating and challenging social and gender roles dictated by various cultures.

His work is in various collections across the US and Europe. He is also a contributor to the Arts section of the Huffington Post.  

Below is a detail of a brand new abstract that will be revealed at the event.  

Verge(detail), Acrylic, House Paint and Aerosol on Canvas


March 4, 2018 12 - 4PM St. Pete Sunday Market at Caddy's on Central

 We will be at the new monthly Sunday Market at Caddy's on Central, 217 Central Ave, St Petersburg, FL 33701.  In addition to shopping, there will be Bloody Mary's, Mimosa's, free chair massages and live music. 


February 28, 2018 6 - 8PM Lifestyle Night featuring Teresa Mandala

 Come meet talented local artist, Teresa Mandala.  Teresa enjoys exploring materials and finding unconventional ways to express very complex concepts. She has worked in wood, metal, glass, watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints. Currently, she works in porcelain. Her work is a dance of color and visual movement, embracing the divine feminine. Her concepts and themes are inspired by her own personal experiences. Her ultimate objective is to translate her own experiences of struggle, triumph and failure into universal truths.

Wine from 4th and Vine will be available to enjoy along with the art.  

 teresa-mandala-artwork.jpeg         wine-bar.jpeg


January 17, 2018 6 - 8PM - Tampa Bay Furnishings 3 year Anniversary Celebration

Cheers for 3 years!! Join us and bring your friends and family to celebrate Tampa Bay Furnishings 3rd Anniversary, featuring the artwork of Robert Tillburg and our talented artisan, Anton Berendsen with Artisan Restorations. We will have a collection of their beautiful pieces in the showroom. We will also have our Ribbon Cutting with the Mayor Rick Kriseman at 6pm! Friends, wine, hors d' oeuvres and jazz music by Andrew McCoy with JazzPulse. Complimentary Valet will be provided. See you there!!



August 23, 2017 6 - 8PM - TBF Lifestyle Night featuring Hope Guzman and Birobar Whiskey tasting

Please join us for a fun Happy Hour and meet local artist, Hope Guzman. Come see her unique paintings and learn more about us! We will be having a new flavored whiskey tasting provided by Birobar, here in Tampa Bay. Birobar is introducing, Biro, Organic Flavored Whisky.. Honey Lemon, Pomegranate, Corn, Coconut and Apple Cinnamon. The coconut one is our FAVORITES! You have to try it!!