We love the local art scene and believe this contributes to what makes St Pete so special.  We are members of the Warehouse Arts District and support local artists.  We always have local artists' work on display in our showroom and feature an artist at our monthly lifestyle events.  Below are some local artists that have artwork in our showroom now.  Stop by our showroom at 3034 9th St N to see some of their work.


Robert Tillbergi-love-ny.png


Robert Tillberg had a passion for art for as far back as he can remember. As a child, he got more pleasure out of drawing his toys rather than playing with them.  He would often draw life-size versions of his Star Wars figures to scale. His love for art would continue throughout high school and into college, where he graduated from Radford University in 1999, majoring in Fine Art with concentration in Graphic Design and minoring in Art History. His passion then led him to study further onto graduate studies at Central Connecticut State University. The subject matter, style, technique, size and pallette of his work is all over the place, yet an emphasis on color and contrast can be seen throughout.



Laurie Ross


Laurie Ross is a lifelong resident of St. Petersburg, Florida. She has specialized in portrait, special event, pet and landscape photography for over 25 years. Laurie's passions include international travel, sports and the outdoors. Her first book, Shop Dogs: A Photo Essay Of Dogs That Go To Work, was published in 2013.  We have her book available in the showroom as well as some of her photographs.


Leila Martini

Leila is a local artist specializing in the use of color.  From abstract to landscape, Leila uses color to create feeling with her art.  Leila uses alcohol ink or a mix of alcohol ink and acrylic on canvas or yupo paper.  The flowers are done with alcohol ink on canvas.  The process involves using canned air to blow the alcohol ink outwards, and layering inks to create a vibrant flower.  The middle of the flower is created using alcohol inks and alcohol. She uses a straw to blow the ink around the middle section.  

The landscapes are done using alcohol ink on yupo paper.  These are tricky as the ink is hard to control.  Typically, she starts wit hthe bottom and works her way up the paper creating different aspects of the landscape.  The "red river" painting is acrylic on canvas with an overlay of alcohol ink.  The ridges are created by adding alcohol to the ink and allowing it to drip.