Root means basic source of all growth and potential which anchors the experience of the whole thing.  Man is one manifestation of all humanity.  While Rootman is a name he gained playing high school football, it has become a symbol of his relationship to art and to the world.

The inspirations for Rootman's paintings are naturally occurring designs that stimulate his creative and spiritual forces.  He enjoys exploring different perspectives of everyday existence, the subtleties of color and using a visual vocabulary of vivid colors.  His style is called subcube, which combines surrealism and cubism. 

His art traverses a course that mimics life's mysteries as well as life's discoveries.  His hope is hat while viewing his art, you share a moment in time that will reflect back the beauty of discovery.  

This person wears the mask of always being ok and never accepting help.  
Friends displays the many aspects of relationships.  When you meet someone, it is like rolling the dice and you hope you don't get snake eyes.  The cliff signifies sometimes you meet someone and then all communication just stops and you never...